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Webb & Gray / Exquisite furniture transformations

Our aim is to create stand-out pieces with a strong identity using the best materials and top quality craftsmanship. Our style is best described as eclectic and we don’t follow the crowd; instead we create unique, design-led items that will really make a statement in your home.

Carrie Webb, the designer-maker behind Webb & Gray, is an interior designer of over ten years experience and has been professionally upcycling furniture since 2016. Her original and eclectic style comes from her passion for design and the desire to constantly try out new ideas. Supported by partner Bob Gray, Carrie produces a small collection of ready-to-buy pieces as well as undertaking bespoke commissions. Based in Kent’s seaside town of Margate, they source furniture from France and Belgium as well as from the UK, allowing them to offer a wider range of furniture styles.

Webb & Gray is a member of the House of Upcycling and has been selected to represent them in their Industry Partnership with the British Institute of Interior Design for 2020. We are very proud of this achievement as the BIID is the UK’s only professional institute for interior designers and as such a highly regarded professional body. The House of Upcycling is the UK’s leading platform for professional upcycling and works tirelessly to promote and elevate the status of upcycling. You can now find our work within the supplier directory on the BIID website.

Click here to visit biid.org.uk/webb-gray

Below are a selection of customer testimonials from this, and other, sites that we use to reach our customers.

“Carrie from Webb&Gray customised my piece with wallpaper I had seen on another item. Carrie made sure I was 100% happy with my purchase, I was so thrilled with the result! It was beautifully made bespoke and in the drawer I found a little maintenance kit too! Carrie kept me informed all the way through to delivery, checking I was happy with everything. I don’t think I have ever experienced such wonderful customer service in my life…I’m so pleased!” (★★★★★ – ETSY CUSTOMER REVIEW)

Jane Bailes Green

“Beautiful item quick delivery and great communication”

Katy Millership

Love the TV cabinet. It is beautiful. Correspondence was also very easy and efficient. I placed my order and was in regular contact with the seller. Commission for a Stag TV cabinet upcycled in Blue. (★★★★ – Webb & Gray – Customer Feedback form)

Nav Bhatti

“Excellent product and service. Looks great in my house. Thanks Carrie for a wonderful addition to my house.”
(👍Facebook store recommendation)

Maryann Noronha

“Just what I was looking for and the colour is fab. Very bright but I love it!” (★★★★★ – ETSY CUSTOMER REVIEW)


How was your purchase? “Extremely easy. With excellent customer service and communication from the seller. Very reassuring as I’d never bought from Web & Gray before. Quick response and excellent delivery service. Very happy.“ (★★★★★ – Webb & Gray – Customer Feedback form)


Many thanks to all of them for their kind words and we hope you will join them as satisfied customers soon.