How to Create a Sustainable Luxury Interior


refinished gold drinks trolley in a sustainable luxury interior

I was thinking about the relationship between sustainability and luxury and how the word ‘sustainable’ can have certain connotations in terms of style. Perhaps the word brings to mind bamboo, recycled plastic or more rustic materials? Whilst these things have their place, they are not necessarily compatible with the aesthetics of a luxury interior space. However, there is much more to sustainable design than ‘green’ materials and there are many ways we can improve sustainability when designing a high end space. Here are some of my ideas for creating a sustainable luxury interior.

Longevity and Circularity

Prioritize quality

Investing in durable materials and timeless designs minimizes replacements, reducing waste and improving longevity.

Reuse what you already own

What pieces do you have that could be integrated into your new scheme as they are? This is of course the most sustainable choice but if your pieces are dated or don’t match your new design you could consider having them restored, refinished or re-imagined by an artisan or furniture artist. Webb & Gray offer a commission service – perhaps you have inherited a piece of furniture that has great bones but the colour doesn’t work for you? We can develop a design with you and transform it into the perfect piece for your scheme. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss a commission.

Think about circularity

Look for pieces that can be repaired if damaged and reused or recycled at the end of their life. Many high end manufacturers are now considering the circularity of their products. Can it be dismantled and recycled when you no longer want it?

Lilac drinks cabinet with iridescent curved glass doors
Vintage mid-century display cabinet transformation
Luxury drinks trolley hand gilded in orange silver leaf
Re-imagined drinks trolley in orange silver leaf


Update your Lighting Scheme

Enhance control with dimmer switches and sensors for tailored illumination. Lighting is the single most important factor for creating atmosphere in a room and a controllable, layered scheme will elevate your room and create a luxurious ambience as well as reducing energy consumption.

Integrate Smart Home Technology:

Embrace efficiency and convenience with smart home solutions. From thermostats to blinds, automation reduces energy waste while offering you the luxury of complete control of your environment.


Celebrate Artisans

Elevate your interior with artisan-made furniture and accessories. Handcrafted pieces add uniqueness and support traditional craftsmanship. Beautifully made and thoughtfully designed, handcrafted pieces can elevate your scheme beyond the ordinary.

Embrace Pre-owned

Looking for alternatives to buying new is key when designing a sustainable luxury interior. Infuse character and sustainability by opting for antique, vintage, and refinished furniture. Each piece tells a story while reducing the environmental footprint.

Jewellery for your Home

Accessorize with high quality pieces that add sparkle and elevate your aesthetic.

Handcrafting gilded candlesticks
Crafting our gilded candleticks
Luxury gilded candlesticks handmade from reclaimed furniture

Eco-concious Materials

Support Local

Choose locally sourced materials to minimize transportation emissions and support regional economies. 

Paint with Eco-Consciousness

Coat your walls with eco-friendly paint to minimize indoor air pollution and environmental impact. Choose formulations free from harmful chemicals for a healthier living environment. Beware of greenwashing as many paint brands that claim to be environmentally friendly have limited credentials. Some of my favourites include Victory Colours, Graphenstone and Yes Colours.

Choose Natural Fabrics

Opt for textiles made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, and wool. These materials offer comfort and luxury without compromising sustainability.


Upgrade to Bespoke

Made to measure joinery not only creates a luxury feel but is likely to last longer as it can be designed and made to work perfectly in the space thus offering a long term solution.

Make it Personal

Display meaningful artwork, family heirlooms, and personal mementos that tell your story and make the space uniquely yours. You could even select a much loved treasure as the inspiration for your design. You can read our blog post on display cabinets and how to style them here.

Be Authentic

Avoiding trends and instead opting for design that truly speaks to you will ensure you don’t get fed up with your scheme. Creating a space in your own personal aesthetic will afford you the ultimate luxury of an authentic space that expresses your individual style and makes you feel great.

Patricia Iridescent Drinks Cabinet
Display personal treasures for an authentic feel
Delphine royal blue fringed console table
Be true to your own personal style for a scheme that will last

At Webb & Gray, we specialize in blending sustainability with luxury, providing our clients with unique, design-led pieces crafted from pre-owned furniture and utilizing top-quality materials. If you’re looking for furniture and homewares for your own sustainable luxury interior you can browse our ready to buy collection visit our shop or to start a conversation about a commission please contact us.

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